Happy Birthday Polina!!!

Thank you! Light of my life, thank you!!! *whimpers, cries tears of joy, desintegrates into the light*

Ah well…


The Napoleon of crime.

Decided to google “star trek costume design”. Saw Khan’s jumpsuit. Got the giggles. XD




No idea what this is yet but…

@_stephensstory is the twitter of the amazing guy named Stephen Sutton who has terminal cancer at 19 and who managed to raise over £2m for Teenage Cancer Trust. He’s been battling cancer for 3 years and now his condition got significantly worse and on the 22th of April he actually wrote a farewell post on Facebook, but then his condition got a little better.

Here’s an article on what he’s been doing for Teenage Cancer Trust.

And here’s how we can all help him to make this world a little better.

Stephen passed away this morning.

That’s it. Period.

Benedict has complicated relationships with napkins… x x

woo-hoo \o/ happy birthday to your blog :D

(why didn’t I found you sooner ;_;)

Thanks again :P

I had the exact same face today when it started snowing. It was fuckin’ SNOWING today O_O Snowing… huuuuge white snowflakes were falling from the goddamn sky. And it happened just when I thought “Whoa, it’s almost summer…”

Btw, this blog is officially ONE year old today…


I am dying

nami00kawakuro-deactivated20140 asked:
Your blog really make me happy!! O(≧▽≦)O very hilarious! o(〃^▽^〃)o

Ha, thank u very much, Nami! Hilarious is what I live for (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


"It’s this, or Cluedo"

- Jim, it’s ok, there’ll be other great games!

- Let me just fly away!

- I can’t let you jump off a building just because Flappy Bird is not on App Store   anymore…

- Noooo, you don’t understand!